Nintendo Switch Screen Protector: Latest Update 2020

Tempered glass is the need of every screen; It will help you to protect your screen from scratches and dust. amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Tempered Glass is specially designed for Nintendo console . It is ultra clear High Definition glass, which has almost 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, It will give you natural viewing experiences.

Because of its ultra thing 0.3mm thickness, It is reliable and resilient gaming glass for Nintendo devices. amFilm Tempered Glass will provide you full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. This glass is highly durable and scratch resistant. Talking about the surface hardness, It is 9h. and the lens is also topped with oleo-phobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

Installation is straightforward; The complete installation guide is in the box of the product. You need to read is carefully and install the glass.

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Features

Highly Responsive

Some of the glasses in the market are no responsive you need to tab or touch twice or sometimes more than it to function, But with this glass, You will not face this problem, This glass is highly responsive.

Zero Bubbles

When you apply the glass on the device, then you will see some bubbles on it. Sometimes the bubbles come at the time of applying and some it will come in a week after the installation of glass.

In both, the condition you Nintendo Switch look wared after the bubbles come. But with amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector you don’t need to worry about the bubbles. This glass is bubble free.

Oleophobic Coating

Fingerprints on the glass have always been a headache, You will notice on any glass, on your phone screen. Even when you apply tempered glass on it.

The ordinary tempered glass in the market does not come with fingerprint protection; that’s why you will face this problem. Talking about amFilm Tempered Glass, It comes with an oleophobic coating, This coating protects your screen from shabby fingerprints.

Durable Surface & Scratch Resistance

The main works on tempered glass are to protect your screen from scratch. This glass has a very durable surface, and it is scratch resistance. You will not notice any scratch on it.

High Transparency

Many of the ordinary glass in the market are blurry, That means you can not see a bright screen after the installation of this glass. Those glasses are made from regular plastic, and that’s why will not able to deliver you high transparency.

amFilm Tempered Glass is made from specially made for high-quality material; that’s why this glass can deliver you High Transparency.

Ultra Thin

This glass is fragile. Even after the installation, you will not notice it. This glass is only of 0.3mm. This is the best glass for Nintendo Switch; you should go with it.

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