Edifier r1700bt Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Everybody Loves

Have you just searched for edifier r1700bt bluetooth bookshelf speakers on google? If yes! Then you’re at the right place. Here in this blog we’ll explain to you everything about these speakers and why they are so popular at this time. These are the types of speakers you want to play every device off them whether it’s a computer, TV or gaming console for superb sound quality. 

R1700BT speakers implemented a:

  • 4-inch bass driver in each speaker
  • 19mm dome tweeter to improve clear highs and rich lows

Edifier r1700bt Bluetooth bookshelf speakers have: 

  • Built-in Dynamic Range Control (DRC) 
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to prevent distortion

Because of the front-facing bass reflex, low port tunes also highlighted, giving more bass effects.

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Features of Edifier r1700bt Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

In this section we’ll tell you all pros of these speakers that are making them best in the market in 2020 on Amazon. Stick to this blog till the end so will not lose any important information on Edifier r1700bt speakers.

Built-in Tone Control

Cool looking dials on the side of speakers which allow you to completely control volume, treble and bass of speakers. You can also control your Edifier r1700bt bluetooth bookshelf speakers with the help of its wireless remote controller. 

  • Treble adjustment: -6db to +6db
  • Bass adjustment: -6db to +6db
  • Digital volume control resets to a comfortable level at power on
  • Push-in volume control dial to select input source
  • Push and hold volume control dial to reset Bluetooth pairing

Bluetooth Connectivity

You can connect your device with bluetooth pairing and enjoy your favorite music endlessly.

  • Push-in volume control dial to select input source
  • Push and hold volume control dial to reset Bluetooth pairing

Back Panel

Behind the speakers there is a back panel which has two sets of RCA inputs, 100-240v power input that works at any voltage, 5-pin connector and a power switch to turn on and off these speakers.

Cables Included

  • 4′ RCA to RCA cable
  • 4′ 3.5mm to RCA cable
  • 16-foot/5-meter speaker cable

Remote Control

These speakers included a small size wireless remote controller so you can put your speakers on stand by mode when not in use to save power and money.


All information listed in this blog is searched or extracted manually by us. So if you think we have not updated or mentioned something very important in this blog so don’t hesitate to contact us by email or the comment section below. Here in this paragraph we’re wrapping up everything about the edifier r1700bt bluetooth bookshelf speakers and there featured. Hope you enjoyed the information and want to take those speakers at your home soon.

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